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 Totem fire ESES

Hogar 4 caras suspendido

Hogar suspendido Technika

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Hogar 4 caras suspendido

The all-new 4-FACE TECHNIKA SELF-BEARING TOTEM model combines the vision of the fire, design and a great simplicity of installation. 
Its new system allows it to rest on the ground without any constraints of hanging on the ceiling.

  - Performances : Efficiency superior than 79% ( 5 times the efficiency of an open fireplace)

  - Power: 16,9 kW

   - Inertie : intérieur brique réfractaire

   - Ashtray grill in steel and removable asthray

   - Easy glass cleaning : swinging door

   - Certiciations NF 13229

   - Manufacturing : France 



Wilde range of possibilities

  • Simply put on the ground
  • No restrictions on the structure of the dwelling 
  • Small sizes: 40x40 mm section, triangular shape for seamless integration
  • Uprights directly from the firebox floor, ensuring a perfect fit of the door block with the low flap

Easy installation 

  • Ready to install: Assembly of the drain and door block with the firebox floor in our workshop 
  • No suspension option required 


Dimensions in cm
- 4 Faces 700 Technika
Overall dimensions 177x72x78
Hearth 55 X 55

- 4 Faces 800 Technika
Overall dimensions 176x83x89
Hearth 69 X 69


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Hogar suspendido Technika

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