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Wal mounting system

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Wal mounting system

The wall mounting system makes the installation easier by integrating the primary air entry and the convection grills directly inside the base.
The height from the ground can be adjusted from 35 to 75 cm(2) ( from the finishing basement or hearth floor)
The system is in compliance with every loadbearing wall.
The primary air is integrated directly in the base.
The convection grills are not visible and can be located beneath the base .
For a better finishing, it is recommended to use the Optima or Linea frames(1) (not included) to highlight the inferior cover part.
The lowered base option is obligatory
So as to hang up the following CLASSIC range fireplaces* :
- 3 Faces 800 I 3 Faces 900
- 3 Faces Horizon 901 I 3 Faces Horizon 1000
* Must go with a lowered base

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