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 Totem fire ENEN

Totem Fire

Company located in Drôme

French Manufacturing



In 1998, Alain Castagnol holded by a family group of shareholders bought the company called «Foyer Lades». The new directorate decide then to change its brands and logo in 2000. They are replaced by Totem Fire SA as company name and TOTEM as a brand. In 2006 Totem Fire SA choiced the legal status of SAS with 300000 euros capital.


Company at humain size dedicated to one and only job : the manufacturing of fireplaces of high quality.
Ou know how in metalwork technics is focused on special steels. Even if the job is based on craftsmanship it benefits from high technology as the laser cut and the CAD.


All our products are in mcompliance with the standards,as NF EN 13229 and have a 5 years guarantee. The design of the fireplaces is as discreet as possible so as to fit prefectly with the surroundings. They are manufactured with spedial steels so as to resist to high temperatures, the interior of the corpus is fitted with refractory bricks so as to regulate the thermal exchanges better.


Totem Fire SAS relies on a network of qualified resellers / installers so as to display its fireplaces.
Those skilled profesionnals know how to advise, to design, to create and to install in complete saftey fireplaces in accordance with your demand and tastes with stone, marble , granite or steel surroundings .