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Totem Fire, a French manufacturer of fireplaces and bespoke inserts

Fireplaces made in France

Totem Fire is a French manufacturer of fireplaces and bespoke inserts, all in compliance wth standards NF EN 132229.

Thoses products made in France are sold through a distributors network and professional installers. You want to be a Totem Fire reseller ? Please contact us in this form !


Fireplaces in compliance with ECO Design 2022

The fireplaces of the Technika range, manufactured by Totem Fire, are equipped with the last airtightness innovation to provide highest perfomance .

Thanks to their independent air system and they airtightness quality Technika fireplaces are in compliance with ECO Design 2022 labels and they can used in any situation including in houses labelled Building with low consumption or Thermal Regulations 2012.


Trendy fireplaces


The fireplaces of the Ambiance Totem range, sold on the French and European markets combine simplicity, performance and reliability .They heat the house and moreover those fireplaces are a true element of decoration.

You are an interior architect or interior decorator and you are interested by our products ? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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