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Fireplace for a new house 

Installing a fireplace in a new built house  

You are moving to a new built house and you want to install a fireplace or an insert ?

It is necessary that the installation of the fireplace or of the insert is in compliance with precise standards in order to guarantee the performance of a wood heating in a new built house.


Fireplaces in compliance with  ECO Design 2022

For that purpose we have created the Technika fireplaces in compliance with the ECO design 2022 standards thanks to their independant air system and their airtightness quality.

This range of firepace can be installed in houses labelled Building with low consumption or Thermal Regulations 2012.


TOTEM Fireplace more efficient and  innovative 


The study department of TOTEM is carrying on proposing novelties always more efficient and innovative. The last innovation is the new Totem Stove available in both versions and offering different fitting possibilities. This appliance is perfect for a new built house, its design provides modernity and efficiency.

You are interested by our products ? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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