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Why closing my open fireplace ?

For many reasons, closing or installing a closed fireplace in an existing open fireplace is a very good idea :

  • To get more efficiency ! Indeed, an open fireplace provides 10 to 20% efficiency. The bespoke TOTEM insert increases drastically the performance of the fireplace. With 75% to 80% efficiency you save 5 times more effeciency compared to your open fireplace.
  • To comply with the legislation obliging to close in the medium term all existing open fireplaces. As for example in our french Vallée de l'Arve, all open fireplaces will soon be closed to still be used.
  • To secure your home ! What ever the risk of a log bursting and throwing coals in your living room or when you have very young children, the TOTEM insert makes your fireplace safer !

How closing my fireplace?


Totem manufactures its own bespoke inserts . Severail shapes are available :

  • Frontal (1 sided and with an opitional fan)
  • Latéral (2 sided)
  • 3 Faces (3 sided)
  • EPI (3 long sided)
  • 4 Faces (4 sided)

To fit a bespoke TOTEM insert, dimensions of the hearth floor of the open fireplace need to be measure (Height x Width x Depth).

A TOTEM reseller / installer can quote it for you quickly.

Find your installer near you by fulfiling our contact form.

Installing an insert in an open freplace is so perfect with TOTEM as we fit to the shape of your existing fireplace.

Why not using a standard door to close a old fireplace?

The way your fireplace was made supposed a use as an open fireplace and not as a closed one. The fresh air inlet , the smoke outlet and more over the heat in the fireplace impede a smooth running with a simple door.

TOTEM gives an answer to all those requirements by producing a bespoke insert, unique and matching to the perfect dimensions of your open fireplace . Thanks to that, the circulation of the air and of the temperature is possible and with a safe use in your house.

Closing an open fireplace with a glass or with a door is risky as for your security as for the performance of your fireplace that will not incresae.


Renovating an old  fireplace 

For closing and renovating a former fireplace , TOTEM proposes you different solutions :

  • TOTEM Bespoke insert

Renovate an old fireplace with a TOTEM insert, fitting to the dimensions of your exiting open fireplace

You save performance and secure your house.

Please see information on the top of page.

  • TOTEM closed fireplace

You can renovate your old fireplace with a TOTEM fireplace and change totallyi its design and look.

You can get higher performance and you can choose among several models such as : Frontal, Latéral (2 sided), 3 Faces ( 3 sided) , Epi ( 3 long sided), Recto/Verso (double sided between 2 rooms) and 4 Faces ( 4 sided)

The vision of fire is full with our fieplaces thanks to our 100% retractable doors. You will be able to use your fireplace with door open or closed . Getting more information.