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Fireplace insert for renovation 

Renovating a former fireplace

To renovate a former fireplace, opt for a Totem bespoke insert or for a Totem fireplace.


How closing my fireplace?

insert-fermer-cheminee-ouverte-valence-france-3.jpeg a second life to ones existing fireplace with the bespoke inserts.

Restore your old fireplace with the Totem bespoke inserts to close your open fireplace.

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Why closing an open fireplace ?

The bespoke inserts save efficiency and make your fireplace safer.

Two versions are available :

  • an « ambiance » version for decoration
  • a Technika version in compliance with Eco Design 2022
  • Those various models allow a renovation of your former fireplace according to your current wish.

Replacing an existing fireplace with a new one

Restore your old fireplace by installing a Totem fireplace instead of your existing open fireplace.

It will change definitely the design of your old fireplace and will provide better performance. Selecting this option means having the choice among numerous models . Frontal, Latéral (corner 2 sided), 3 Faces , Epi, Recto/Verso (between 2 rooms) or 4 Faces. Totem fireplaces provide a whole view of fire thanks to their fully 100% retractable doors. You would be able to enjoy your new fireplace with open or closed door.