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3 Faces

Multisided Fireplaces

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3 Faces

Fire heats of all sides.
Classic in terms of their symmetry, the cubist shapes give them a strongly contemporary feel.

Our 3 Faces fireplaces models are designed to provide the largest fire vision. Whether with the door open with a system that allows the door to disappear 100% in the cover and also in closed door with a door frame designed without a post that offers a view of the uninterrupted flame.

  - Efficiency: over 71% 

   - Power : 9 to 17 kW (depends on models)

   - Logs lenght : 25, 33 and 50cm 

   - Total vision of fire : 100% retractable door 

   - Combustion management system : integrated air control

   - Double combustion : improving efficiency, reducing emissions 

   - Fairing : convection air system

   - Heat diffusion system​ : hot air outlet vents

   - Heat preservation : vermiculite deflector

   - Inertia : Interior firebrick

   - Maneuverability: synchronized opening of the door 

   - Steel grill, removable ashtray

   - Easy cleaning of the glass : swinging door 

   - Certifications : NF 13229

   - Production: France


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Multisided Fireplaces
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