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4 Sided fireplace Technika

Suspended fireplace Technika

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4 Sided fireplace Technika

Suspended fireplaces are one of the greatest sources of pride for Totem.
Installed in the center of the house, the fire radiates to all direction and allows for a great freedom in installation of fireplace.

  - Performances : Efficiency superior than 79% ( 5 times the efficiency of an open fireplace)

  - Power: 16,9 kW

   - Inertie : intérieur brique réfractaire

   - Ashtray grill in steel and removable asthray

   - Easy glass cleaning : swinging door

   - Certiciations NF 13229

   - Manufacturing : France 

Easy and reliable the hanging system set of totem makes the installation easier and guarantees
at a millimeter adjustment. We do recommend this


Dimensions in cm
- 4 Faces 700 Technika
Overall dimensions 176x71x78
Hearth 57 X 57

- 4 Faces 800 Technika
Overall dimensions 176x82x89
Hearth 68 X 68



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Suspended fireplace Technika

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