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4 Sided fireplace

Suspended fireplace Technika

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4 Sided fireplace

Suspended fireplaces are one of the greatest sources of pride for Totem.
Installed in the center of the house, the fire radiates to all direction and allows for a great freedom in installation of fireplace.

  - Performances : Efficiency superior than 79% ( 5 times the efficiency of an open fireplace)

  - Power: 16,9 kW

   - Inertie : intérieur brique réfractaire

   - Ashtray grill in steel and removable asthray

   - Easy glass cleaning : swinging door

   - Certiciations NF 13229

   - Manufacturing : France 

Easy and reliable the hanging system set of totem makes the installation easier and guarantees
at a millimeter adjustment. We do recommend this


Dimensions in cm
- 4 Faces 700 Technika
Overall dimensions 176x71x78
Hearth 57 X 57

- 4 Faces 800 Technika
Overall dimensions 176x82x89
Hearth 68 X 68



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Suspended fireplace Technika

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